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Cassidy 18, gender fluid, SnK, Alex Turner, deer, tattoos,she/her he/him they/them: SCVC 2014 💚❤️


when someone is mean to you



"you have nice bone structure" can either mean "i find you aesthetically pleasing" or "you will be a strong warrior in the skeleton war"


won’t drink lukewarm water but i’ll put another person’s genitals in my mouth


Straight guy: “are you gay?”




The start of my long battle with Internet addiction


The start of my long battle with Internet addiction

Anonymous said: hey as someone who didn't take the psats could you please explain what the fuck all these posts are about


Ok i’ll try my best:

-they said if you are sick and you want to leave they will destroy your test for you

- literally everyone had the same form “W” on the test

-a reading passage was about the grand canyon and how you or the average “Boston Man” are unable to “see it” the same way as the discoverer Garcia Lopez deCardenas

- “value of P” = fascination of viewing the Grand Canyon, question about how “P” depreciates as more people go there

-another reading passage was about this “young sensei” in calligraphy who was being interviewed by some disappointing girl

- “young sensei” wrote a poem “Crimson leaves, falling ” and that was the full poem

-there was a passage on how a lady who trains dolphins knows that a.) you cant put a leash on a dolphin, and b.) that raising your pets/children/dolphins should be with positive reinforcement

-lots of weird questions, one of which included the correct answer of changing “bedazzling” to “bedazzled” 

- another passage referenced Harry Potter saying how the movies would disappoint fans as they couldn’t possibly fit in every book detail

- same passage talked about the movie Clueless and how it was an adaptation on the book Emma

- a REALLY stupid sentence asking you to fix “she couldn’t make it to her club meeting because she had a piano concert simultaneously at the same time” 

-another weird passage on how this girl Jasmine knows she is lucky (“Jasmine knows she is lucky”) and how she sees weird plants growing on top of buildings/skyscrapers and also TV satellite dishes buried in desert sand…… everyday….. while riding a camel

- some inventor lady is super old and knows the hardships of no technology (grain mill stuff) 

- you had to CURSIVE write a section saying you have academic integrity on sharing answers 

- and on the personal information sheet (race, religion, email) there was a question that had “14. This box was left intentionally blank ” instead of just leaving it a blank space

in all it was really whack and probably the weirdest test ive ever taken. if you have any questions feel free to ask. hope that helped! :)